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ServiceCAM drives Transparency

Video your way into more profitable customer interactions and communicate with them on a channel of their choice  

$440,000 pa is the average revenue for our franchise customers via ServiceCAM quotes

* Based on analytics from 75K, plus videos.


The transparency that the ServiceCAM video platform delivers brings the customer digitally into your workshop and builds customer confidence, trust, and lifetime value.


Help them meet and exceed bonus KPIs. Free up time so they can deliver a better customer experience and at the same time reduce customer disputes and confrontations.

ServiceCAM app and dashboard.png


ServiceCAM is as easy to use as any mobile phone video app. Simplicity is the key to winning technicians' participation, so we kept functionality of the app to a “must have” specification. 


The Technician opens the app and enters their unique PIN before recording issues under the bonnet, pressing PAUSE, records issues at half hoist height pressing PAUSE, then full hoist height and clicks SAVE.  The app stitches the clips together in a nano second and the click SEND to forward to the Service Advisors dashboard  


Voiceover is our solution for those dealerships who struggle to convince technicians to record videos - either due to a lack of confidence or language issues.


The Technicians records the video without audio, clicks SAVE and sending a notification to the Service Advisor that a video is ready for them to record the voiceover outlining the repair issues found during a VHC. They preview the video then record a voiceover informing the customer of the recommended repairs before uploading to the dashboard for sending to the customer.


A key requirement for ROI is increasing efficiencies. Probably the least efficient time in a Service Advisors day is contacting customers, explaining mechanical issues and waiting for a decision.  

Increase staff efficiences.png


With ServiceCAM video the customer can view and share it with partners or family, make a decision and contact their Service Advisor with a decision saving hours of phone time every day. 


The video delivers the bad news and does the upselling which leads to less stress on your Service Advisors and probably less employee churn. 


Once the Service Advisor reviews the videos on their dashboard the click SEND, that’s it.  


Customers respond by clicking ACCEPT QUOTE, or CLICK-to-CALL or CLICK-TO-CHAT. That’s time saving at its optimum.  


Once a quote is accepted an automated SMS is sent to the customer confirming the amount of the accepted quote. 

Key Features

Integration with AutoForce API's


Our API’s allow integration with most of the major eVHC providers, which will enable ServiceCAM to seamlessly fit in with your current workshop systems and processes.

Branded Landing Pages and Customisable SMS and Email Templates


Customisable SMS and email templates, editable branded landing pages, and links to review platforms important to your business.

AutoForce's Hierarchical Structure

Hierarchical Structure

Full oversight available for large dealership and franchise groups, or for franchisees/service centre owners with multiple locations.

Repair Orders can be uploaded individually, via CSV file, or using our API

Fits all Sizes

ROs can be added individually, uploaded via a CSV file or using our API with service managers oversight of all technicians and service advisors activities.

Technician Friendly Service Video App

Technician Friendly

Unique unlock PIN for each technician. Super easy video recording with pause-delete last segments. Auto-mute function with voiceover option for technicians who are not confident to add comments, and record multiple service videos simultaneously with a single device.

Use ServiceCAM's internal quoting system or attach a PDF, link, or use our API to import your Quote from your eVHC provider


Use our internal quoting system with predictive itemised parts/labour feature, or add a PDF, Quote link, or use API. Or select Callback option to discuss quote with customer.  All quotes saved to local folder.

Keep up to speed with real time notifications


Keep up to speed with real-time notifications covering; SMS delivery, videos watched, accepted quotes and Chats opened.

Analytics for every metric so you know who is performing and who needs a hand to improve


Every metric is covered so you know who is performing and who needs a hand to improve.

Many repair shops — particularly at dealerships — have started sharing photos and videos of potential problems with customers, kind of like a telehealth appointment for their car.  This service increases the average repair cost by USD$260.


Skyler Chadwick, Director of Product Consulting at Cox Automotive - the world's largest automotive services organisation. Published on CNBC JUL, 25, 2023

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