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SalesCAM Converts More Leads & Sells More Cars

What is your video strategy?

Successful dealerships are trends setters and early adopters of technology. They win more business because they have the tools to convert more leads to sales. 

Take control of your customer experience with SalesCAM and convert prospects into leads


With SalesCAM car dealers can use video for selling and brand building, and to shorten sales cycles without engaging the services of a videographer.


SalesCAM enables the selling message to be delivered with a powerful engaging visual experience – phone calls, emails and photos just don’t cut it.  

SalesCAM videos deliver a powerful engaging visual experience


Video is a powerful medium to convert prospects into leads. Add videos to car listing on your website and third-party listing sites and you will see a significant uptick in leads.


Shoot it once and use it everywhere. Listings, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram,  etc.


With a small investment in a set of Rodes Wireless GO microphones your team can create unlimited inhouse car reviews which you can post on your website and on Social. These type of video generate significant brand awareness for months if not years 


SalesCAM makes branded video creation super-fast and easy. Record or import clips and the app will then stitch them, select branding with a screen swipe, add intros & outros, and finally background music - all with just 3 clicks. Professional videos for use on listings, websites and social created in minutes, not hours, and delivering huge ROI. 

Professional branded video creation in minutes, not hours, delivering huge ROI


Sales team members can create personalised introduction videos and text them immediately to the customer.


Buyers can then start to develop a relationship by clicking on CTA buttons to call or text back.


We call this building conversations. 


SalesCAM video links can be shared via the AutoForce SMS module by sales & marketing teams.


Instead of being limited to 160 characters in an SMS, send a video to deliver a more compelling message that generates a response. 

Key Features

Auto Editing of Videos with Intro, Outro and Background Music

Auto Editing

Start recording then use pause - delete last segment, import from camera roll, choose between default settings or custom for intros/outros and background music. It really is that easy.

Share Branded Photos to Facebook

Shareable Photos

Photos are auto shared to your Facebook page from the app. Share an auto generated link of delivery photos with customers via SMS so they can share with friends on their Facebook page.

Branded Landing Pages


Give customers confidence with your own customisable, branded landing pages. Add branding elements to videos and photos with a simple screen swipe in the app.



Be informed when your customer has watched their video in real-time and how many times so you know just how hot a prospect they are.

Increase conversions with embedded Click to Call and Click to Text buttons


Increase conversions with embedded Click to Call and Click to Text buttons allowing customers to choose their preferred channel.

View both team and individual analytics


View both team and individual analytics across all major metrics on social, reviews, customers actions and leaderboards

Transform your smartphone into an automotive sales machine!

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Learn how we can improve your customer engagement and satisfaction, and provide you with the analytics you need to measure success, monitor performances and other critical data.

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