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Reviews Win Business

Shine above your

competitors in local searches


The experience and timing are the two determining factors when asking for reviews and sending just a link is bad news for your review ratings. That’s why we developed review landing pages.

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If all ratings were on a linear scale, then 5 stars would represent the absolute best rating, and a rating of 3 would be average. But look at any online rating system and you’ll soon see that this is not the case. 5 stars has become the new “average” or “normal” rating. Less than 4.3 is losing you business. 

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Less than 1 in 5 workshop customers trust them. The only way to increase trust is transparency and once you increase transparency you will enjoy much higher ratings from more satisfied customers. 


The time to ask for reviews is when you let you customer know their vehicle is ready. They have watched their video; they are satisfied the repairs were needed and they agreed to go ahead.  


Request reviews with a Car is Ready SMS from your dashboard with a single click.  


Send customers to your own branded landing page with embedded review tabs 


Let them choose a review platform or Private Feedback which keeps poor reviews offline and lets you win back the customer aware from the public eye. 


Well frankly, you are not in control of that your competitors are. The good news is AutoForce Reviews makes it super easy to keep collecting. Just one click and your customer receives a text message with a link to yours landing page. They can select Google, Facebook or private feedback and leave their review. Its that easy. 

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We have you covered in most cases. Your landing page will have an option called “Can we improve” which keeps negative reviews offline whilst still complying with Google’s T&Cs.


For any negative reviews which are left on review sites the best way to counter a bad review is get a ton of 5-star reviews.  


You might offer the best service on the planet but you will ALWAYS have churn. Customers buy new cars, move out of the area or go to a competitor. This is where reviews are so important. Reviews are the new word of mouth for your business. 97% of people read reviews of local businesses.


People searching your workshop online need to see lots of recently posted, quality reviews to be convinced to contact you. 

Key Features

Easy for customers to leave a review

Easy for Customers

Make leaving a review effortless for your customers by sending them a simple review request via text message.

Keep bad reviews to a minimum with Private Feedback option

Private Feedback

Keep bad reviews to a minimum with the Private Feedback option for unhappy customers.

Branded Review Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Branded landing pages include the review links important to your business.

View and respond to reviews in a single dashboard

Single Dashboard

View and respond to reviews and customer feedback across multiple sites—all on one easy-to-use dashboard.

AutoForce Digital Reviews Features Icons

Website Review Aggregator

In just a few minutes, copy and paste the AutoForce Review Aggregator code onto your home page to build trust and improve your websites SEO. The aggregator updates your reviews every 6 hours so you are always displaying the latest. Choose colour themes to suite your website, minimum star ratings.  and more.

 Visitors who did not view the reviews during their website visit converted at 8.46%, while those who did converted at 15.4%.

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Learn how we can improve your customer engagement and satisfaction, and provide you with the analytics you need to measure success, monitor performances and other critical data.

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