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The Art of Upselling Parts and Labor: Tips for Car Service Advisors

As a dealership or auto repair shop, your aim is to provide your customers with quality service and earn their trust. But at the same time, upselling parts and labor is equally important to drive revenue growth. According to a study, nearly 20-25% of repair orders have the potential for additional sales, which could lead to a significant increase in profit margins.

However, upselling should not be about pressuring or exploiting your customers. Instead, it should be seen as an opportunity to provide relevant and additional solutions that meet their needs. This is where car service advisors play a crucial role. Read on to know how you can adopt the art of upselling and bring positive results to your business.

Identify Customer’s Needs

To upsell effectively, you must first understand your customer’s needs. Ask questions, listen carefully, and assess their vehicle’s condition. Try to understand their budget restrictions and recommend solutions that align with their requirements.

Some customers may not be receptive to your suggestions at first. In such cases, instead of forcing, provide relevant information and options that could possibly solve their problem. For example, if a car owner comes with a coolant leak problem, offering a radiator replacement or a pressure test to identify the source of the leak, could be a helpful solution.

Explain the Value

Providing value to the customer is essential to gain their trust and confidence. Transparency in pricing and quality of workmanship will go a long way to building customer loyalty. Explain how the additional service or parts will enhance their vehicle’s safety, comfort, and reliability.

You can also offer discounts or educational material that educates them about the benefits of following a regular maintenance schedule. This way, they will understand why the additional service is necessary and how it could prevent costly future repairs.

Train Your Staff

Motivated and trained employees can make all the difference in providing excellent customer service and upselling techniques. Provide your staff with regular training and coaching sessions to improve their communication and sales skills.

You can also incentivize your employees with bonuses or commissions for upselling services. However, it’s important to strike a balance between providing quality service and overcharging customers. Avoid pressuring or exploiting them with unnecessary services.

Use Technology

Technology plays a vital role in efficient service delivery and upselling. Use customer relationship management software to keep track of the customer’s purchase history and preferences. This will help you recommend relevant services or promotions that match their interests.

You can also use digital inspection software that enables advisors to record and send videos of the vehicle’s condition and share them with customers. This allows them to see the problems clearly and understand the need for additional services. is a great tool for this. Simple to use and affordable for any size workshop due to fantastic ROI.

Provide Follow-Ups

After the service is complete, provide your customers with a follow-up call or message to check if everything is working as intended. This serves as an opportunity to address any issues or concerns they may have.

It also creates a good customer experience and enhances their trust and loyalty towards your business. It gives them a chance to offer valuable feedback or suggestions that could help improve your service.


Effective upselling should not be seen as a short-term tactic to make quick profits, but as a long-term strategy that improves customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. By identifying customer needs, explaining the value, training your staff, using technology, and providing follow-ups, you can not only increase your revenue but also provide quality service that stands out from your competitors. Remember, customers appreciate transparency, expertise, and genuine care, and these traits are key to becoming a successful car service advisor.

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