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Mission Statement

At AutoForce Digital we create technology to help automotive repair professionals communicate better with their customers using channels they prefer and respond to. 

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About us

Brandlicious Inc owns the AutoForce Digital brand and was incorporated in 2018 as a Delaware registered C-Corp.  

Consisting of a small team of shareholders with extensive experience across mobile apps and the Australia automotive vertical, our goal was to use our passion to help automotive repairers engage in a way with their customers which saved time, built trust and increased revenue opportunities and at the same time reducing marketing costs through higher retention and social proof to generate low cost customer acquisitions. 

We initially started in the customer review space but in 2020 we developed SalesCAM for car dealership sales and marketing teams and then in 2021 we released ServiceCAM. Because of Covid, selling cars got much easier so we decided to focus on the repair side of automotive ownership and developed out ServiceCAM to the easy to use – robust platform it is today. 

Being smaller in size than some of our competitors has worked well for us. We have been able to be more agile in our development processes and pivot quickly when needed.  

ServiceCAM has integrated ServiceChat to make it easy for service advisors to discuss unexpected additional repairs with customers on the channel they prefer, texting.  In 2023 we have had many requests from customers for two-way texting. We listen to our customers and because of the agile nature of our company setup we were able to scope, develop, test and deliver a texting solution that was built to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. 

At AutoForce Digital we never stop developing and we don’t shy from investing, but our strongest and most important qualities are customer relationships and how we support customers to help make their business more successful. 

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